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Looking for UNLIMINITED entertainment?

Play thousands of games from retro arcade to new favorites in just 3 simple steps

STEP 1 - Power ON

STEP 2 - Select your Game

STEP 3 - Have Fun!

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Plug ‘N Play Systems…No Hassle, No worries. Just FUN!

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8 Reasons to have FUN with us

Relive your memories and start enjoying your life!

Over 60 Consoles in 1

The entire gaming universe is literally at your fingertips. Own the history of video games in one arcade box.

Different Models

Choose the arcade box that reminds you pleasures from your childhood or the one that resonates with your character. Whatever model you select, we promise that you will have access to thousands of games and hours of fun.

Playing is Simple

Just plug the Arcade box to electricity and you are ready to go! It’s that simple. All the games are pre-installed and configured to give you all the excitement and fun you deserve.

Wide Choice of Games

Enjoy the best of the gaming universe from classic retro games to the latest hit titles, you can count on endless entertainment enough to spend a few long evenings gaming with friends. Between 12,000 to over 50,000 games are accessible to you to jumpstart your fun to a whole new level.

A Quality Product

A durable and robust product that is pioneered and assembled in the United Arab Emirates that gives you the peace of mind while you focus on having fun with 1-year-warranty and one year support to answer all of your questions.

Best Looking Gaming Interface

Amazing front-end with attractive graphics environment where you will find every game sorted; showing in this way the title, soundtrack, graphic arts, video preview, themes, box art, rating, release date, developer, publisher, genre and much other interesting information.

Great Connectivity

Create your own home gaming station by connect your own consoles directly to the Arcade box and start playing instantly.

We’ve Got Your Back

With 1-year-warranty and one year support to answer all of your questions, you can enjoy hassle-free unlimited entertainment.

Express Delivery

Within UAE: 3-4 Days
Internationally: 10-15 Days

Secure Payments

Online through PayPal
Bank Wire Transfer

Premium Quality

Free Repair Service
Free Parts
Free 1 year phone, chat and email support


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